Programme highlights

The TI-Expo trade fair forum

The free-access TI-Expo trade fair forum, presented by the G+H Group, offers impulse lectures from research and practice. The focus is on best-practice examples, products and solutions for fire protection, sound insulation or technical insulation in general, among other things. 

The special "Innovation & Experience Area"

The special "Innovation & Experience Area" is the highlight of the fair. Three core segments act as thematic anchors within which technical insulation, energy efficiency and cost-saving potential are brought to life:  

  • Climate Change & Sustainability 
  • Technology & Future 
  • Insulation Workflow and Measurement 

Institutions and associations present current projects as well as results and research work, and live demonstrations show innovations, processes and exhibits. The entire area is designed as a "marketplace" with catering and meeting facilities and invites personal exchange.  

The TI-Expo Guided Tours (guided tours of the trade fair)

The Guided Tours are dedicated to selected topics and take groups of visitors on a tour of the stands of participating partners or exhibitors. Participation is completely free of charge. The specific tours and topics will be announced in advance.   

TI-Expo evening event

On the evening of 4 May, the first day of the fair will end with a joint evening event - for exhibitors, partners, visitors and speakers at the TI Conference.

  • Where: Directly in the hall (depending on the weather and hygiene regulations, outdoor is also possible). 
  • When: Beginning directly after the event on the evening of the first day of the fair 
  • Programme: Music & dance - award ceremonies and special events 
  • Catering: Beer/soft drinks and small catering stations for every taste (Asian - vegetarian - currywurst - etc.) 
  • Ambience: A relaxed mix of bar tables, dance floor and seating areas - ideal for networking, relaxing or celebrating 
  • Cost: €35 per person all-inclusive (tickets can be purchased at the TI-Expo ticket shop)